Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

glass tile irridized wall mantle piece

8x15 x 3/8 glass tile irridized wall mantle piece

as seen on
why not?

Silhouette Tree Iridized Gold on Black Pendant Cabochon

Originally uploaded by 1Cher.
As seen on etsy:

just to show how a finshed piece could look.

Blue/Green/Silver Dichroic pendant necklace

Another nice pendant with built in bail, see it on etsy too:

Cabochon apple tree pendant on gold irridized black glass

same piece, ain't it grand? I've got a finished necklace made from this series of naked trees, lets see if I can put that up too.

apple tree pendant on gold irridized black glass

Just posted on etsy this morning, as I would like to try to keep my focus on the focals, not the finished pieces. but that is so hard to do!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

M72 Tree Outstanding it the Field

M72 Tree Outstanding it the Field
Originally uploaded by 1Cher.
My favoirte tree, on M72 in northern Michigan, on the way to the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore.

Painted between 2 layers of art glass and fused together. Adheared to a plexiglass stand.

CheyenneGlass Spa

CheyenneGlass Spa
Originally uploaded by 1Cher.
I did a "blog this" button on Flickr. Then added this text. then i will hit the "post entry" button.

Chers white rose

Chers white rose
Originally uploaded by 1Cher.
A test to email photos

Cher Fettes

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First Blog to see why I'm doing this again

I guess I'm just trying this on for size. I want to see how easy my Flickr photos transfer to here and whats Etsy got to do with it. So I will simply publish and get going.

PS, this is being done during a lull in my health. So like everything else that I do, this will be done in starts and stops.